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The Work of the Institute is structured as a series of curated projects that may range in duration from the length of a phonecall to several years. While some are based in established disiplinary practice, GICA encourages artists and curators to explore speculative and transdisciplinary approaches. To propose a project, please send an email and allow 2-3 weeks for a response.


Part II of the project documents instances of local artists working with objet trouvees, whose presence is made especially dramatic by the largely uniform background of West Coast rainforest vegetation. On the right is a set of images that show instances of such ready-mades created by various Gabriola artists following the example of Marcel Duchamps readymades. Note the example on the bottom left, which represents one of the most common island practices: vehicle art (which will be the subject of an upcoming special exhibition.) To submit images please send an email to

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Assemblage Thumbnails Assemblage 1 Assemblage 3 Assemblage 2 Readymade Truck



Click on images for a detailed view of the installations.


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