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The Work of the Institute is structured as a series of curated projects that may range in duration from the length of a phonecall to several years. While some are based in established disiplinary practice, GICA encourages artists and curators to explore speculative and transdisciplinary approaches. To propose a project, please send an email and allow 2-3 weeks for a response.

How to Explain Critical Theory to a Live Deer (1965 | 2015)

When Josef Beuys placed himself in a cage wearing a mask of gold leaf and, cradling a dead jackrabbit, set out to gently explain modern art to it some fifty years ago, he set in motion a controversy that lingers to this day. GICA repeats the experiment, gold mask and all, but with one important difference: Instead of a dead hare, we will be using a live deer. What will be the outcome? GICA is currently looking for a volunteer to undertake the task. To participate, please send an email to:

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