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GICA offer several residencies each year to artists, curators, researchers and anyone else who is interested in exploring their practice in the context of the island and the institute. Residencies usually include a presentation at the beginning and the end, and normally result in a publication. To inquire about available space and resources, please e-mail us at


Dylan Cree
The Archivist's Dream        







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Montreal-based filmmaker and philosopher Dylan Cree was the GICA artist- in residence for June 2012. His project, which is part of his current doctoral studies at Concordat University in Montreal, and a joint undertaking with GICA associate Chris Welsby, and media artist Brady Marks, examines the archival impulse and its intersection with the trope of the 'authentic' as it applies to artists work, especially in transitory media such as film.

Cree and Welsby proposed to 're-create' some of Welsby's early films, in collaboration with media artist Brady Marks, as online installations in the form of a document that is controlled by the movements of the tide halfway across the globe and that examines the relationship between artistic, scientific and archival strategies that affect the (re)creation of the artist’s work and the nature of the archival process.


Cree at sea


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Above: Dylan Cree at the Helm. Photo C. Welsby 2011