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When the spreadsheet grows to be the size of the territory, money becomes the measure of all things, and cashflow management is easily mistaken for governance. The price of democracy is eternal vigilance, but even in the rudimentary form currently available to us, it requires shared knowledge of the facts. How can we agree to share when we don't know what it is we are actually sharing?

GICA is very pleased to inaugurate Double Entry, a community art project in the form of an open spreadsheet that is be housed on Googledocs and currently contains GICA's entire financial information. The invitation to the public is to enter everything — all of the community's finances, for all to see and for all to edit.

Let's see the real numbers!      

The Work of the Institute is structured as a series of curated projects that may range in duration from the length of a phonecall to several years. While some are based in established disiplinary practice, GICA encourages artists and curators to explore speculative and transdisciplinary approaches. To propose a project, please send an email and allow 2-3 weeks for a response.

Double Entry
Part II of the Strategic Plan Project

Community Media Installation,   











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