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Corporate Sponsorship is now a central aspect of contemporary institutional— and by extension, artistic—practice. Finding and wooing corporate donors has become a full-time occupation for many arts administrators, and a long list of logos at the bottom of your publicity is a sure sign of success in a society which defines the exchange of money as the single most significant act of creating "cultural capital'

If sponsorship means that much, why can't we turn the tables and become a sponsor ourselves? GICA proposes to participate in some of Canada's most prestigious art events as a full-fledged corporate donor, assuming that $100 will get us in the game. Can we afford to? Can we afford not to!? Either way, it's worth the gamble.

Donations, anyone?

The Work of the Institute is structured as a series of curated projects that may range in duration from the length of a phonecall to several years. While some are based in established disiplinary practice, GICA encourages artists and curators to explore speculative and transdisciplinary approaches. To propose a project, please send an email and allow 2-3 weeks for a response.

Part IV of the Strategic Plan Project curated by Andreas Kahre










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