The Xenographic Society



Founded in 1990 by interdisciplnary artist Andreas Kahre The Xenographic Society is a research collective with a mandate is to investigate systems of social, scientific and poetic discourse as they mediate our relationship to the natural world, and to each other. The society presents its findings in the form of performances, audio installations, video, print and other suitable media.

The activities of the society include sound art, acoustic ecology projects, urban geography, media and text–based work, including maps, forms, visual poetry and contemporary paper theatre. Xenographic projects and coproductions have been presented across Canada, the US, Australia, Germany and Russia, as well as on line and in print. Several projects are available for sale.

The term 'xenography', born out of a misunderstanding during a conversation about 'scenography', has become programatic, as it refers to the study and description of what is strange or unfamiliar. In its original meaning, it also denotes the act of spontaneous writing  in an unfamiliar language (cf. ' xenoglossy' and 'glossolalia').

At present, the society maintains offices in Vancouver and on Gabriola Island, and has corresponding members in five countries around the globe. Membership is free  and open to anyone with an interest in the goals of the society. To contact us please email