The Xenographic Society



To become a member, please contact the society by email, stating your area of expertise, and the reasons for your interest in the Xenographic Society. We will contact you within 30 days to confirm your application. Once confirmed, membership is free and lifeā€“long, and carries only the stipulation that members should correspond with the society at least once a year.


Please include the following information:


Contact Information (email and telephone)

State your reasons for for your interest in the Xenogrpahic Society and how you would like to be involved.

Members and Associates as of 2012 include:


Andreas Kahre, Artistic Director
Interdisciplinary Artist, Writer, Designer, Vancouver

Prof. Dr. Manfred Hartl
Mathematician, University of Valenciennes, France

William Enwright  LL.B., MFA,, BFA,
Writer, Law Professor, Capilano University Vancouver, Canada

David Garfinkle PhD, MFA., B.A.
Artist, Theatre Historian, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Derek Simons, Ph.D ., MA, BFA
Urban Interdisciplinary Studies, Simon Farser University, Vancouver,