The Xenographic Society


The Xenographic Society offers a range of projects in downloadable or printed form, at reasonable cost. To place an order, please fill out the enclosed form and e-mail to Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Prices are in Canadian currency.

Please note that all Xenographic Material is issued under a Creative Commons non-commercial, attributable, no unauthorized resale licence

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The following items are currently available at the Xenographic Store:


Ear | Nose | Throat
Script and Score for Three Readers and Javanese Gamelan
Xenographic Project No. 090102, 40 pages, $10



Being and Time, abridged
Script and Cardboard Cutout Sheet
Xenographic Project 090101, 1 page, $10

Being and Time


The Rear View Mirror Plays
Script and Cardboard cutout sheets for four definitivist playlets
Xenographic Project No. 030102, 10 pages, $10


Bagpiping in Wales
Illustrated Book excerpt
Xenographic Project 960101, 10 pages, $10