Emdash Publishing Solutions

Emdash Publishing can improve the productivity of your graphics / production department with customized workflow evaluations and InDesign CS2 and CS3 training. Our principal, Marc Christensen, is pursuing certification as Canada's third private Adobe InDesign Adobe Certified Instructor, and can help you or your company find ways to optimize your print workflow.

Emdash Publishing also helps nontraditional clients, including self-publishers and genealogists, bring their book projects to completion, or to market. Please be advised that self-published titles are not eligible to appear under the Emdash imprint, or to otherwise share publishing or distribution channels with Emdash Book Publishing. Once Emdash has designed your book, or provided technical assistance in its production, we recommend established print-on-demand and self-publishing services such as Trafford and Printorium Book Works in order to bring your self-published work to market.