Book Design

We specialize in book design and long document layout. This field is notable in that most decisions must be made long before a computer is turned on. Formatting a book, annual report, or other long document after it's on the page is simply inefficient.

Long before final editorial decisions are made, we can examine preliminary information, and determine what appearances will match the nature and structure of the content. Developing the look of your document, including paragraph and header styles, as well as special page styles for chapter breaks, tables, colour images, and other anticipated features does not need to wait until your project is complete. In fact, the sooner you address these design issues, the better your final product will turn out. Early design work ensures that when the final edits are made, your book, annual report, grant proposal or other long document can be set to page and turned around quickly.

Emdash publishing specializes in deploying global modifiers to make minor revisions in your visual expectations a breeze.