Please note, Emdash Book Publishers of Victoria, British Columbia is a traditional book publisher and is not affiliated with Ken Botnick’s handmade book-as-art prototypes produced under the name emdash press.

If you are one of the very few people in the world to be lucky enough to know who Ken Botnick is, or even (gasp) own one of his not-quite one-of-a-kind restricted-production handmade book projects, please do not be confused by the common source of our publishing names.

Botnick, professor of visual communications at Washington University, publishes a small number of fine art handmade editions under his Emdash Press imprint most notably 99 copies of In Defense of the Book, by William H. Gass, in 2001  as an extension of his craft and academic portfolio, rather than as a commercial publishing business.

Emdash Book Publishing of Victoria, British Columbia seeks to reach somewhat broader audiences, printing quantities of books appropriate to the vast North American market using technologies of mass duplication (like offset printing) that Botnick’s efforts eschew.

Emdash House holds Professor Botnick’s work in high regard, but also knows that North Americans are far more likely to acquire a copy of a mass published Emdash Books title than to hunt down one of Professor Botnick’s superlative fine art editions. For this reason  and for the simple reason that the emdash to which both of these book-making houses refer predates us all we see little likelihood of confusion or conflict in also claiming the Emdash name.