Querying and Submitting

Emdash Book Publishing is a small independent publisher of literary fiction, poetry, and topical nonfiction. We do not publish "genre fiction" such as romance, sci-fi, mysteries, or westerns.

We also do not publish children's literature. Please do not send unsolicited children's stories.

Emdash is primarily interested in publishing engaging fiction with strong narratives, and socially-relevant and intellectually engaging nonfiction, as well as poetry of high quality
whether traditional or avant-garde. We publish books by both new and established writers.

As a small publisher, Emdash does not have a marketing budget for in-store displays or travel expenses for authors. We rarely pay advances, but we do pay a generous royalty. We also engage in significant marketing to help our books reach the Canadian market, and will help contact local bookstores to set up readings, as well as agresssively seek to produce reviews and stories about our authors.

If you are interested in submitting work to Emdash, please send us an email or letter briefly outlining your book project, rather than sending your entire work for us to consider. In the case of poetry, three or four pages of poetry are usually sufficient for us to guage interest. Please send these as plain text or Word attachments via email.

We should respond to all queries within a month. If we do not respond within that time frame, feel free to contact us.