The Perfection of Hope
Perfection of Hope

A Journey Back From Cancer
Revised and Expanded Second Edition
By Elizabeth Simpson

March 2008

Your beautiful book of shared experiences is heartening.”


After more than ten years of cancer-free, vibrant living, bestselling author Elizabeth Simpsonís experience offers offers a ray of hope for those seeking paths to both physical and emotional healing.

In 1996, Simpson was given an "inoperable" lung cancer diagnosis, and little chance of long-term survival. Instead of giving in, she worked on "perfecting hope," both in her life, and in this memoir of cancer recovery and survival.

In the decade since The Perfection of Hope became an instant classic on cancer survival, Simpsonís way of integrating physical and spiritual healing has proven its own success. The combination of alternative and complementary therapies that have helped her survive beyond even her own expectations has become an accepted approach to cancer treatment.

In this revised, expanded edition of her bestselling memoir, Simpson shares five all-new chapters that explore the scope and human toll of cancer. Sometimes sweet, sometimes bittersweet, and always poignant, she gives all those touched by cancer perfect proofóthat there is always hope.

Paper — 5¼" × 8¼" — 256 pages — $24.95

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Mr Mackovicka's Wings Hucek Photo

Taking Poetry Public Across Canada
By Wendy Morton
November 2006

Wendy Morton has done more to redefine what it means to publicize poetry than any poet I know in Canada. Not only does she evangelize for taking poetry into public places, and practicing it to change our relationships with people we meet in public life, she also takes corporate sponsors along in the process. Morton's memoir shows how perfectly suited poetry can be to all of the manifold meanings of the word publicize.

Paper — 5¼" × 5¼" — 132 pages — $14.95
Cloth — 5½" × 5½" — 132 pages — $29.95