Wendy Morton has been a teacher, a fine printer and is currently an insurance investigator. She has published four volumes of poetry including Undercover, Shadowcatcher and Gumshoe, and helped establish Random Acts of Poetry in Canada. She grows a large organic garden with her partner, listens to the ravens and eagles and imagines the impossible.

Alan Casselsis a healthcare policy researcher, and co-author of the international bestseller Selling Sickness: How the World's Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies are Turning Us All into Patients (GreyStone 2005). He lives in Victoria, BC.

Elizabeth Simpson is the author of two bestselling nonfiction memoirs, One Man at a Time and The Perfection of Hope, both originally issued by McFarlane Walter & Ross.

Julie Paul was born and raised in the Ottawa valley village of Lanark, Ontario, and now lives in Victoria, BC with her husband and daughter. Her stories, poems and essays have been published in numerous journals, including The Fiddlehead, The Antigonish Review, Geist, The Dalhousie Review, existere, Canadian Living and in the anthologies Women Behaving Badly and Oberon's Coming Attractions '07.