Antoinette is a French given name that means highly praiseworthy
and Antoinettes have certainly made their mark in the world as
actresses, ballerinas, opera stars. Wikipedia doesnít list a single
famous mum called Antoinette so my Toni is stepping into the gap.
And how!
On the same day, on consecutive years in September, Toni produced two
litters of puppies. Sheís resting up from motherhood now but Georgie is
having puppies in July, 2019, and Sally has been bred for a litter due in
August, 2019.
For more information, contact:
Suzanne Zwarun

Toni's Fall 2017 litter

Santa's little helpers

Puppies from Toni's Sept 2017 litter.

Toni - summer of 2017

A pregnant Toni lumbering around the farm.

Armload of Airedale
British child actor with Toni's puppy

Gangsters, assassins, revenge and tragedy loomed large in the
blood-spattered British television series Tin Star which was filmed
in southern Alberta for viewing in Britain in 2017. Four of Toniís
2016 litter were among the puppies who won roles in the dark,
violent series starring the Oscar-nominated British actor Tim Roth.
So who knew puppies could be banished just for being puppies?
After the first day of shooting, a litter of Australian Shepherds had
their theatrical careers abbreviated for non stop barking. A Golden
Retriever and a Jack Russell were not invited back after the second
dayís filming. But everyone on the set raved about what perfectly
behaved pups the Airedales were. On the final day of shooting, the
human actorsí efforts to kill each other made noise enough to alarm
most of the puppies left. Not my Airedales. They were madly
curious about all the mayhem and anxious to join the action. Thatís
an Airedale for youóready for anything, even television fights
involving 2X4s.

Bran is another puppy from Toniís 2016 litter. Named for the dog owned
by the legendary giant Finnegan McCool, he missed television stardom
because he was flying to his new home in B.C.. His parents, Mark Joyce
and Madeleine Guenette, are professional photographers, however, and
made their own film record of Branís growing up.

Before and after. Bran at 4.5 months.
He is a very nice doggie with his first big boy hair cut.

Bran in the snow



The photos of Bran above, by: Madeleine Guenette

Toni and Otto's 2016 litter

(also known as Toni)

Canadian Champion Cast Iron Game of Thrones at Shawndee
(Better known as Otto)

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