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Georgie's registered name is Zsuzse's Brown Penny but she is
such a sweet natured girl she has become known as Sweet
Georgie Brown. Her sweet nature made her an exceptionally
caring mum when she had her first litter. She’ll be having
puppies again soon.

For more information, contact:

Suzanne Zwarun


You don't know what misery is until you're carrying a dozen.
Four days before the big arrival of her huge litter Georgie
had better things to do than pose for pix. She's focused on
more important things.

2016 Graduate
Georgie's Tiberius aces puppy school

2016 Litter
Three days old.

2016 Litter
Twelve days old.

American and Canadian Champion.
Castiron Smooth Criminal at Shawndee.
(Father of 2016 litter)

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