Pippin was a little slow getting into a romantic mood in 2017
but Valentine’s Day did the trick. She and Hawthorne met and
mated that day, creating a litter of puppies born in April 2017.
They’ve all moved on to their permanent homes but Antoinette,
better known as Toni, is going to have puppies in September 2017.

For more information,

Suzanne Zwarun at 403-279-5815

Zsuzse's Hawthorne is Thorny
Sire of April litter


Zsuzse's Bombshell
Pippin and Hawthorne's daughter from their first litter

(2015) Pippin's first litter
two weeks old

three weeks old

four weeks old and meeting the wider world

Worn out by the wider world



Zsuzse's Pink Fir Apple
Born August 2011
You might well ask: Where do they get these names? From a
potato, in Pippin’s case. In tribute to a bumper crop of potatoes
in my garden the summer she was born, Pippin and her
littermates got their registered names from the many delightful
names that have been given to potatoes. The Pink Fir Apple is
my favourite variety of potato and so the name was bestowed
on my favourite pup in the litter. That proved too big a handle to
call out the back door so Pippin acquired the nickname of an
apple tree, the Cox Orange Pippin, since her legs mirror its
orange-red colour.

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