Zsuzse’s Bombshell
(Mustang Sally)

Zsuzse’s Bombshell was an explosive puppy. Loads of
obedience training moulded her into an excellent canine
citizen but an Airedale with a mind of her own. Hence her
nickname—Mustang Sally, an Airedale with an agenda.
Mustang Sally has a knack for opening gates, fleeing dog pens
and escaping kennels when she decides it is time to go explore
more interesting places.
This summer she is going to be a mother for the first time. It
will be interesting to see whether she raises her puppies with
the same iron paw she employs on her human household.
Puppies are due in August. Check back after that to see
whether they inherit Sally’s headstrong personality as well as
the breed’s characteristic jet black saddle and highly
coloured trimmings.

For more information, contact:

Suzanne Zwarun



Cormac, (sire of Sally's upcoming 2019 litter)

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Last updated June, 2019
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