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You have heard about cat burglars? Serena is
the biggest thief the Siamese breed has ever
seen. She will steal anything she can carry,
drag or chase into a corner: toothbrushes,
watches, glasses, underwear and socks.
Serena was packing a huge litter of kittens.
Three girls and two boys were born in
December and have already been spoken for.
There will be more kittens available in the

For more information contact:
Suzanne Zwarun


(Definitely looks like she will give birth in December)

Serena with Lord Tate,
(father of her expected 2019 kittens)

Lord Tate is a blue point Balinese

Dec 2019 litter - two months old

Dec 2019 litter - three weeks old

A Clowder of Cats

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