Zy-El/Myrada: Trial by Fire Mod

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Who am I . . .


My name is Kato and I'm the one-man team who compiled and developed this mod (short for modification) of Blizzard's Diablo 2 game.

I've only been modding since June 2002 and I consider myself to be a part-time modder.  I'm not as serious about it as some of the other programmers at the Phrozen Keep - http://www.d2mods.com  The staff there have been par excellent and have been very helpful with their tips and Q&A service.  This mod would not have been possible without their contributions which I've listed in the Credits section.


When I'm not modding, I spend my time with my wife and kids - who have been very tolerant of the time I spend doing this stuff.

If you need to contact me, I'd prefer not to be inundated with e-mails.  Instead, post to the official forum at the link below.  I usually browse there during weekdays - not usually weekends.

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Phrozen Keep Interview by dojo105



In Brief . . .

Date of Birth:        before 1970
Education:            woof!
Family History:      some
Marital Status:      yeah
Children:              a couple, I know of
Interests:             my family
Hobbies:             my family
Astrological Sign: Dog?
Diseases:            fleas mainly
Sports:                hockey, chasing lazy cats
Nationality:          Canadian, eh?