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The Good News (some things to spice it up):
  • Item drops are more generous than regular LOD
  • Infinite stash pages from Yohann's PlugY plugin
  • New players start with no base equipment except the Horadric Cube and some Cube Scrolls
  • Quest rewards have been modified (improved)
  • Increased stash, inventory and cube sizes
  • Runes, gems, jewels and charms may be purchased from vendors 
  • Elixirs have been re-enabled; use in cube recipes
  • Demon Keys have been re-enabled; use in cube recipes
  • Added Demon Boxes - can only be opened by Demon Keys
  • Cube scrolls have been added - total of 1000+
  • No experience penalty for dying on any difficulty
  • Assassin class weapons now have Assassin skill bonuses
  • Keys, Identify tomes, Town Portal tomes stack to 500
  • Thrown potions stack to 500
  • Thrown weapons have triple to maximum stack
  • Poisoned arrow/bolt quills can be purchased from vendors
  • Magic arrows/bolts can be purchased from vendors
  • Added Unique arrows/bolts
  • Characters can level up to level 10,000 - yes, level ten thousand
  • Experience costs have been reduced for faster level up
  • Skill level maximums have been increased from 20 to 100
  • Belts, gloves, boots, charms, rings and amulets are now socket-able
  • Thrown weapons are socket-able
  • Charms are socket-able
  • Added four new charm types - tall, quad, hex, narrow
  • Charms can have runewords
  • Some runewords include gems and jewels
  • Hirelings have new active skills, passive skills, higher attributes and faster levelups
  • Shrines have longer effects and recharge more quickly
  • Gambling for Rares and Uniques enabled
  • More Unique items added - total of 2500+
  • Added Unique Jewels as well
  • More Cube Recipes - over 48000+ recipes now
  • More Runewords - over 750+ and they are listed in the Zy-El Mod Guide.doc
  • Runewords can be used on charms
  • Runewords can be used on magic and rare items
  • Spellcasters do more spell damage
  • All missiles travel 50% faster
  • Larger random map levels
  • New Act 5 Temple Entrance from Dezdrehel
  • New Graveyard map plug-in from Hellbound
  • New Harem and Travincal map plug-ins from Deathfile
  • New Tristram, Monastary, Inner Cloister, Cathedral, Andariel, Claw Viper, Duriel,   Mephisto, World   Throne and World Stone map plug-ins from *Astalion*
  • New monster graphics from Foxbat, Incandescent One and Har'lea'quinn
  • Created deadly Killing Grounds, Suicide Sanctum, Wayside of Woe and Orifice to Oblivion maps - Insane!


The Bad News (had to balance it out):
  • Arrows and bolts do not drop from monsters
  • Level requirements for gems and runes increased
  • Stamina costs increased for run/walk
  • Strength and Dexterity requirements for weapons and armor increased
  • Merchants more greedy and give less on buyback
  • Resistance penalties increased significantly (-75 on Normal)
  • Monsters are faster run/walk
  • Monsters have more hit points
  • Monsters have higher armor class
  • Monsters have higher levels
  • Monsters have higher attack rating
  • Monsters inflict more damage
  • Monsters are more abundant
  • Some disabled monsters have been re-enabled
  • Some friendly monsters made into enemies
  • New monsters have been added as well
  • Skill level tiers have been changed to 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-55-60-65-70-80-90-100-110
  • Monster spellcasters do more spell damage
  • Monster missiles travel 50% faster
  • All Act Bosses have been toughened
  • Hell difficulty is Hell - really
  • Cows are more beef, more gravy!

Some new things in brief:

Horardric Cube - now available at character startup.  The cube has been reduced in size to 1x1 to allow room for more stuff in backpack.  Now you can make use of those new cube recipes right away.

Food - has been added.  Transmute food in the Cube to create potions.  Meat foods will transmute to Healing potions and Fruit foods will transmute to Mana potions.  Combine up to three of same foods to create higher potency potions.


Elixir - a main ingredient for the most useful cube recipes.  Usually dropped by champions and at higher difficulties.  Cannot be consumed directly.

Magic Arrows/Bolts

Magic Arrows/Bolts - can be purchased from vendors and be further imbued through cube recipes.  These magic quivers can be recharged by selling to and buying back from vendors who do not sell magic quivers.  Magic quivers come with standard magic attributes.  Cube recipes can be used to successively stack additional attributes.

Poisoned Quills

Poisoned Quills - can be purchased from vendors.  Quills are obtained from Quillbears and modified to be fired from missile weapons.  These quills have inherent poison damage and are a cheap alternative to magic arrows.  Good for starting characters.  Available from Charsi and Fara only.


Bracers - are a weapon alternative considered the equivalent of bare-fisted fighting (aka Hercules).  For players who are looking for a unique challenge may consider this "unarmed" combat style.  Best suited for Barbs, but available to anyone.

Star Weapons

Star Weapons - for Assassins only.  These weapons can have up to 4 sockets and offer an alternative for high-level Assassins.  Rare and hard to find but well-worth the effort.

Cube Scroll

Cube Scrolls - are one-time use cube recipes with simple input ingredients and an output item.  Insert the input materiels with the cube scroll into the Horadric cube and click on Transform button for resulting item.  These scrolls appear as Common, Uncommon, Secret and Arcane.

Demon Box

Demon Box - is a rare item that can only be opened when transmuted in the Horadric Cube with a Demon Key.  The output item may be good or bad.  Some clue is given by the Box itself.  Feeling lucky, punk?


Zy-El Scroll - fragments of this scroll can be found and combined in the Cube to form a completed Scroll.  This Scroll enables the crafting of the Zy-El Artifacts - godly unique items.




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