Zy-El/Myrada: Trial by Fire Mod
Download and Install

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What to do . . .

The easiest way to install a D2 mod is to replace your existing D2 files with the same names as those of the mod.

icon_arrow.gif First of all, this mod ONLY works with patch 1.09,
not patch 1.12a Do NOT connect to Blizzard's Battlenet after installing 1.09 as this will automatically invoke an update to patch 1.12a and Zy-El mod will NOT work thereafter.

icon_arrow.gif So, first make a backup copy of the Diablo2 Patch_D2.MPQ file as well as the D2Common.DLL, D2Client.DLL, D2Fog.DLL, D2Launch.DLL, D2Net.DLL, D2Gfx.DLL and the D2Game.DLL files in case you want to revert the game back to vanilla D2.

icon_arrow.gif Once you've done that, take the
Zy-El Patch_D2.MPQ and replace the regular Diablo Patch_D2.MPQ. Take the Zy-El D2Common.DLL and replace the D2Common.DLL in your Diablo game directory. Do the same with the D2Fog.DLL, D2Net.DLL, D2Launch.DLL, D2Client.DLL and D2Game.DLL files. And then just execute Diablo as you normally would.  Also, add the PlugY.dll and D2gfx.dll if you want the Infinite stash plug-in. icon_rolleyes.gif That should do it.

icon_rolleyes.gif If you don't like the mod, just copy over the mod's files with the backup files you made at the beginning of this process.

The original installed version of Diablo2: Lord of Destruction from the install CD is patch 1.07; this version will NOT work with Zy-El.

The Zy-El mod only works with Patch 1.09d, not the latest patch version from Battle.net.  Do not connect to Battle.net; otherwise your game will be updated to patch 1.12a and this patch version will NOT work with Zy-El.

Get the Diablo2: Lord of Destruction (Patch 1.09d Installer) here

Mod Patch Update 4.4c   (Release date:  July 1, 2008)

This final patch version is the "official" version 4.4c release.  This patch release is to address a number of bugs that were brought to light in the previous 4.4b version.  There is also an improvement to the quality of Treasure Card drops for the higher levels.  See the News > New Mod Developments page to see all that has changed since version 4.3. 

Warning:  upon exitting the mod, an UNHANDLED EXCEPTION error will occur; it is a minor bug but it will have no effect on your character or game file - ignore it.

There are two versions of the patch available: 

Full music version (176 MB)  is here or here

Original music version (108 MB)  is here

Updated Mod Guide version 4.4b (6 MB) iis here ((not changed from version 4.4b)

Please note that these MPQ's and DLL's are for Diablo: Lord of Destruction patch version 1.09d.

Patch Update 4.3   (Release date:  March 17, 2007)

This final patch version is the "official" version 4.3 with the updated Game Select screen - there are no other significant changes to game mechanics not already included in the Interim Patch Update 4.3 mentioned below. 

The full version with Zy-El mod music included (162 MB) is here and here

The lite version without Zy-El mod music included (93 MB) is here.

The PDF mod guide for version 4.3 is here (nothing has changed since 4.2B - I think).

Please note that these MPQ's and DLL's are for Diablo: Lord of Destruction version 1.09d.


Interim Patch Update 4.3   (Release date:  March 10, 2007)

This patch addresses a number of experience rollover and monster life rollover issues previously causing crashes on high-level games.  This update only includes a number of well-crafted modifications to DLL files that should be used to replace the DLL files of the same name from the Zy-El 4.2B version.  NO modifications have been made to the MPQ.  There may be a 4.3 MPQ at a later date.  The title page will still say version 4.2B until a new MPQ is released. 

I would like to personally thank d2vern, Al-T and Myhrginoc for their dedication and hard work on these files.

The interim patch files can be accessed here .


Patch Update 4.2B   (Release date:  August 7, 2005)

This patch addresses an intermittent bug in which the Ashen Treants and Fury Golems will cause unexpected game crashes.  This problem has been addressed and the update patch version 4.2B is available using the links below.  Only the MPQ file has changed.  There are no other changes to any of the other files in the mod package.


Patch Update 4.2A   (Release date:  July 24, 2005)

This patch addresses a major bug with the Act I: Rogue Encampment in which chars cannot exit the Rogue camp.   This error was discovered by players and documented in this thread.  The corrected map files will be re-inserted into the MPQ and released shortly.  I'll also make a minor correction to the Kobold monsters in Blood Moor - they're a little too tough for starting chars.  Use the same links (updated) down below.


Major Patch 4.2   (Release date:  July 22, 2005)

This patch addresses a number of minor bugs and omissions that Kato had intended to put into 4.1 but neglected or forgot to put in.  Some of these items include extra attributes for Mega Charms of Making, corrected Collector redemption recipes, putting back in the SlimeBalls that were previously fixed, removing the Succubus Mages from Diablo's lair and a fixed inventory page graphics thanks to Malifrax

Max Pain has been kind enough to locate and encode all the hex code offsets in order to make the Hireling plug-in work.  Kato has also added an extensive number of new monster graphics, repaired graphics (Bone Golem) to this version of the mod and some "other bonus features" that players will notice right away.  This mod version uses the upgraded 4.2 DLL's that will include the Hireling plug-in - you'll need to download them and overwrite the existing DLL's.  

Kato has decided to only provide 1.09d DLL's from now on.  There's no reason to continue using patch 1.09b and it's not worth the extra work to maintain another set of DLL's.  If you are still using patch 1.09b then upgrade to patch 1.09d and then overwrite the DLL's with the Zy-El DLL's - you won't notice any difference.

For more details on what the new mod version will contain, go to New Mod Developments. 


Zy-El Version 4.2 Docs (PDF)
- includes Adobe .PDF format

Zy-El Version 4.2 Docs (MS-Word)
- includes MS-Word format with functioning links

Zy-El Version 4.2 Docs (TXT)
- this is a plain text version

Zy-El Version 4.2B (MPQ & DLL Files)
-with original D2 music version (125 MB)

Zy-El Version 4.2B (MPQ Music & DLL Files)
-modified music version from Elafar and other sources (200 MB)

Mirror Download Site


Patch Version 3.8B   (Released April, 2005)

This patch version 3.8B is the last of the 3.x series and is available here for patch 1.09d (original music version only). 

The .zip file includes all the DLL's, the MPQ and the relevant mod guide for this version: 

Zy-El Version 3.8B (51 MB)



Interim Patch Version 3.8A MPQ   (Released Tuesday, March 22, 2005)

This patch version 3.8A is where some graphical errors (Frost Giant death and Succubi missiles) have been corrected.  Download the appropriate MPQ of preference here: 

Zy-El Version 3.8A MPQ (44 MB)

Zy-El Version 3.8A MPQ New Music (102 MB)


The soundtracks as selected are according to Kato's preferences for Acts within Diablo.  However, players can designate different soundtracks to replace by editing the .s script file.

Let's make beautiful music . . .

The following music tracks composed by Elafar and SquareSoft as translated by ThorAsgard have been included in the Zy-El mod MPQ Elafar version.  For those players who have the original music MPQ, these soundtracks can be used to replace the existing tracks.  Included in each of the packages below are batch files and scripts that work with Andrey Lelikov's MPQ2K program that will overwrite the existing soundtrack with the selected one.  Just run the included batch (.bat) file.

Act I Town - Rogue Encampment Act III Jungle - Outdoor Areas
Act I Wilderness - Outdoor Areas Act III Kurast - City Areas
Act I Caves - Underground Areas Act IV Town - Pandemonium Fortress
- added in version 3.3 (SquareSoft)
Act I Monastery - Crypt Levels Act IV Mesa - Outdoor Areas
Act II Desert - Outdoor Areas Act IV Diablo - Lord of Terror
Act II Town - Lut Gholein
- added in version 3.3 (SquareSoft)
Act V Baal - Lord of Destruction
- added in version 3.3 (SquareSoft)
Act III Town - Dockside Area  

Warning: There is no way that characters from ORIGINAL LOD or OTHER MODS will work in this mod.  Even characters from PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF ZY-EL may not load.  Kato is not responsible for any loss or damage done to your existing character should you attempt to load them.  You have been warned!  This mod also may not work with any 3rd party programs designed to alter the normal play of Diablo 2 - namely hacks.