Zy-El: Trial by Fire Mod

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Thank  you to all those who made this mod possible . . .

 Thanks to PhrozenHeart, Alkalund, Myhrginoc, Ricfaith, Apocolypse Demon, JBouley, Sir_General, P51Mus, Brother Laz, Om, UJN, Deathfile, Hellbound, *Astalion*, Shadow Talon, Riparious, Harleaquinn, Hammerman, Foxbat, Incandescent One, Zhoulumcrist, justanother, Red Havoc, Fusman and Clannad for sharing their Modding wisdom and being really nice about it. I am very grateful that they as modders and moderators of the Phrozen Keep and Gamespy have provided a forum and download site for this mod.

Thanks to JrEye, slayerofgix, Al-T, Hans, Jindujun, Gh0sT(eth), Thunderstorm and Raven for hosting the Zy-El fan websites and the wiki. Also, for providing a means of distributing the mod to anxious Zy-El players by providing additional download services.

Thanks to Horacer77, Gh0sT(eth), mistegirl, LordDemeter, SilenKiller, SoulCatcher, mr_pixel, Untamed, Gimli790, Kenshin, LordTemjin and HashCasper for operating and hosting the Zy-El Realms. A lot of work and misery on their part and they even volunteered for it. I never asked them to host this mod, but they did it for the love of cooperative gaming.

Thanks to Phlebiac, Dezdrehel, Fookie, smartguy, Hurjempi, Inkspot, Booga, d2vern, NavyFC, tdistler and Rikari for their logistical and fan support, playtesting tips and observations. PhrozenKeep rules!!! And, of course, thanks to Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell and Luis Royo for their inspiring artwork! Of all the Mods Ive seen, the weakest aspect is documentation. Programmers hate to document.  


  Thanks for lending a hand!