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Known Bugs

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Nobody's perfect . . .

Got a problem?

Reporting Bugs or Errors:

Any new bugs encountered in the mod should be reports.  However, the on-screen error message seen in-game is often not very helpful or indicative of the problem.  In the Diablo2 game directory, there is an error log file named D2yymmdd where "yymmdd" refers to year, month and day that the file was created.  Whenever a game crash occurs, this file is created or updated if it already exists.  The last entry in this file will be for the most recent session.

The contents of this error file care very cryptic to the non-modder.  However, careful examination of a few key lines can reveal the nature of the error.  A number of these bugs have been identified in the Zy-El mod that generate specific error log entries and these are further documented below. 

Please check the listing of Known bugs below before making any posts.  Also, if you are using any cr@ack or h@ck programs - don't bother posting.  I will not waste time to enable a game che@t.  Period.

If you are reporting a new error, please post to the Zy-El forum (Zy-El Mod Forum).  Be sure to include the error message you see onscreen and 100 lines of the last error log file entry which will be near the end of the file.  Also, please give some details surrounding the bug/error/crash like the following 7 questions:

1 > What was your character doing at the time of the crash?
2 > What class and level is your character?
3 > What monsters were involved or in the area?
4 > What map was your character on?
5 > What game difficulty were you playing on?
6 > Were you playing single-player, multi-player, realm or TCP/IP?
7 > What is the general configuration of your computer?  OS?  RAM? Video card?

The most common fix:

If you are encountering erratic game behaviour and odd little things not working in the mod, there is one common fix to try before anything else.  The cause of the problem may be a corrupt download of the mod's MPQ file.  Because it is such a large file, corruption during download is a distinct possibility.  Please follow these steps to ensure the cleanest install:

First step:  delete the mod's MPQ file.

Second step:  re-install the mod's MPQ file from the downloaded ZIP.

Do not just overwrite the existing MPQ file - delete the old one and install the mod's MPQ file again.

If that does not work, then try re-downloading the mod's ZIP file from the download site.  Perhaps your copy of the ZIP file was corrupted during transport.  For some reason or another, it has been found that overwriting an existing MPQ file sometimes causes the new MPQ file to become corrupted.  Most things will work but some little things will not work.  Anyways, try this as a first fix before resorting to the Forums for answers.

Another common fix:

If you are unable to load your character file into the mod, try this fix.  You will need to get a hold of a D2 character editor program (select a character editor from here).  Make a backup of your character file for you go any further.  Next, load the character file into the editor.  Some editors like ShadowMaster will prompt you as to whether or not to allow the program to automatically correct your file.  Always answer NO to this prompt.  After the file loads into the editor, give your character 1 additional gold then save the character file.  Now try loading the char into the mod.

This fix is will work for those early Zy-El players who had the misfortune to deal with version 2.0 and the infamous fog.dll file.  This fix will allow you to use your char files while running with the original fog.dll that came with LOD.  This fix will also make corrections to corrupted char files.

Running Diablo2 under Windows XP:

How can I get the game to run in Windows XP?
A few players have reported major problems once they've upgraded to Win XP.  XP is a major improvement in performance, but it can be touchy to get it working.  People who have upgraded successfully tell us it's essential to prepare.  Install it with a whole new system if possible, but if you are upgrading be sure you have the latest drivers for everything, be sure your HD is defraged and error checked, etc.  You might still have problems though:

I've just installed windows XP, and had a nightmare trying to get it to work, until finally I cracked it. After that, I thought I should tell other people so they don't have the same problems...

What I did was to set the shortcut to Windows 98 compatibility mode (Right click on the shortcut, select Properties, and it's the compatibility tab at the top...).  Then, whenever you run it, you need to right click on the shortcut, and select 'Run As'. Then run the program as Administrator, using the password you entered when you installed XP.


  Don't bug me  


Listing of Known Bugs and Solutions . . .

The following list of bugs has been reported by players in Single player and Multiplayer modes.  Kato is very grateful to the mod playing community for their reports and continued support of this mod.  The designer and players all share a common goal in making this mod as enjoyable for all as much as possible.  To that end, the most common occurring errors are listed here.

As permanent fixes to these errors and bugs are resolved, the list will be updated with old bugs being removed.


Added:  August 15/04; unresolved
Error message or bug:

02:04:55.531 -------- FILE: D2Client\ENGINE\Gfx.cpp LINE: 1303 --------
Assertion Failure
Location : D2Client\ENGINE\Gfx.cpp, line #1303
Expression : eComponent < NUM_COMPONENTS

Cause:  This error is caused by a bad graphic animation sequence which has not been clearly identified as of yet.  It only occurs intermittently and mainly during very intense graphic sequences in multi-player games.  Could it be a lag problem - don't know.  Could it be a graphic card problem- don't know.  Could it be a graphics setting in game - don't know.
  re-enter the game and go through the same section again.  The crash is not likely to happen in the same spot again.  Eventually, you'll get through to the next section of the map without mishap.


Added:  April 19/04; fixed June 6/05
Error message or bug:
 game crashes after entering Cow Level
Cause:  This error is caused by a bad graphic animation sequence to do with the Succubus Mage magic missiles - possibly.  I found the problem was to do with the animation files for the mages themselves as well as the missile graphics being off-center.
  this bug will be fixed in version 4.1.  There was a definite graphics error with the Succubus Mage animations, not just their missiles.


Added:  April 19/04; fixed June 6/05
Error message or bug:
 game crashes after killing a Frost Giant
Cause:  This error is caused by a bad graphic animation sequence to do with the Frost Giant's death.  The animation files have been corrected.
  this bug will be fixed in version 4.1.


Added:  November 24/03; fixed June 6/05
Error message or bug:
Unique Shaman (BishiBosh clone) causes crash

09:51:25.750 ***** UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: ACCESS_VIOLATION (c0000005)
09:51:25.750 Fault address: 6FD5AC6E 01:00019C6E C:\Program Files\Diablo II\D2Common.dll
09:51:25.750 eax:0bbe3a3c ebx:6fcc6c80 ecx:00000fe4 edx:0012ecd0 esi:0012ecd0
09:51:25.750 edi:0b3b1000 ebp:0012ed4c esp:0012ecb8 eip:6fd5ac6e flg:00010246
09:51:25.750 cs:001b ds:0023 es:0023 ss:0023 fs:003b gs:0000

Cause:  This is the result of some undetermined error condition that I've never been able to simulate.  Other players have encountered it in Cold Plains Act 1.  This error causes the game to crash whenever approaching BishBosh or one of his clones (ie unique Shaman) or in Act IV: Worldstone Throne.  After almost a year of suffering with this bug, aihara and Myhrginoc finally discovered that this error was being caused by a bug in the original D2Common.DLL file that shipped with the game.  For some reason or other, whenever the BishBosh shaman or a clone tries to re-animate a dead shaman, the game feeds an item code into the re-animation sequence instead of a monster code.  Probably was a bug in the original coding.
  this problem has been fixed in the 4.1B DLL package.  Download and install it.


Added:  August 19/03
Error message or bug:
The reduction recipe to remove +Attack bonus does not work
Cause:  The reduction recipe to remove +Attack will not work on +Attack bonuses granted from socketted gems/runes/jewels.  However, it will work on +Attack bonuses from the base item.   More details here
  Remove the attributes from items BEFORE filling the sockets on an item and remove from the socket-fillers (ie jewels) BEFORE plugging them into item sockets.


Added:  August 12/03
Error message or bug:
My character cannot allocate skill points into any skill - the whole page is grey
Cause:  If your character is carrying a Demon Item, its penalties may have lowered your base stats below zero.  In one case, a player with negative Mana was not able to allocation any skill points he had stored up.  More details here
  Unequip any items which are causing your stats to fall below zero.  Then allocate your skill points before re-equipping the drain items..


Added:  August 5/03
Error message or bug:

Assertion Failure
Location : D2CMP\SRC\FastCmp.cpp, line #1515
Expression : nLinesToSkip + nLinesToDraw <= (int)pCel->dwHeight
Cause:  this crash occurs when characters have extremely high Life numbers (somewhere in the neighbourhood of 180,000) combined with a negative life drain (like from a Demon Item) and try to talk to a healer NPC in town.  The healer tries to heal you but the game can't handle the big numbers with the life drain and probably a few Life rollovers.  The error message is actually resulting when the game tries to determine your current Life and redraw the health globe.  More about it here:  View topic - malah crash
Before you speak to a healer NPC in any town, move any Vitality or Life boosting items out of your backpack.  This will cause your Life to decrease to some point such that the healer will be able to heal you without the game crashing.  After you're done talking to the healer NPC, repack your items.  The only permanent fix to this bug would require a restructuring of the char file structure which I am not prepared to do until mod version 4.0.


Added:  July 30/03
Error message or bug:
My damage is rated above 80,000 but my character does very, very little damage to the monsters.
Cause:  the max damage for any damage type is right around 83.5k this may vary just a bit for elemental damages, so to be safe keep your damages at around 80k or roll them up to the next max which would be around 160k if I remember correctly.  On Hell difficulty, there is a universal damage reduction of 50% for monsters.  In Hell difficulty, the damage rollover point is about 120K.  Damage rollover was not a problem in vanilla LOD since damage values did not approach anywhere near the max value.  The Zy-El mod allows players to go further than the original programmers ever intended.
  Either decrease your max damage to below 83,500 or increase your damage towards 160,000.  You can decrease your damage values by using the item attribute reduction recipes or un-equipping items.


Added:  July 30/03
Error message or bug:
Life or Mana globe display incorrect for values above 32767
Cause:  at 32767 both your life and mana have a DISPLAY roll. If you will notice the number on the right of your globe display still goes up. This does not affect you at all, Your life is just used in chunks of 32767, when it uses one chunk it rolls down to the next and starts there. A mana roll can be somewhat problematic, as for spell use the game uses the number on the LEFT... so if you have a rolled mana globe and it displays 147 of 32914 you actually have 32914 mana but the game THINKS you have 147 mana and will not let you cast any skills with a larger mana cost than 147.
  If you cannot cast spells, increase your maximum mana.  Otherwise, your character is unaffected by whatever is or is not displaying in the globes..


Added:  July 25/03
Error message or bug:

11:54:36.590 ***** UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: ACCESS_VIOLATION (c0000005)
11:54:36.590 Fault address: 6FDA23B5 01:000613B5 C:\PROGRAM FILES\DIABLO II\D2COMMON.DLL
11:54:36.590 eax:00f63578 ebx:00000079 ecx:00000000 edx:05137fc0 esi:00921e00
11:54:36.590 edi:05137ffc ebp:05130480 esp:0069c27c eip:6fda23b5 flg:00010246
11:54:36.590 cs:0167 ds:016f es:016f ss:016f fs:5287 gs:0000

Cause:  This is an error caused by a corrupted item that has received too many attributes.  In the flurry to craft items, players may inadevertently add too many attributes beyond what is capable of being displayed or stored in game.  This can usually happen as a result of using too many Duet and Trio tokens that add all varieties of attributes.  When the item becomes corrupted, a game crash results when you mouse over the item and the character file may not load either.
  Drop the item.  If you cannot remove the item in-game, then you must resort to a char editor like ShadowMaster to remove it.


Added:  July 11/03
Error message or bug:
Game sometimes crashes when there's a lot of graphics on-screen
Cause:  This is a localized error that occurs when too many graphical effects are happening on the screen at once.  This is more commonly encountered in realm play where lag is also an issue.  This is particularly noticeable in Act 5 with the Succubi and their Amplify Damage curses.  This may also occur with superuniques and their auras.
  Tone down some of the graphical effects in game.  Also try switching from Direct3D to DirectDraw mode - not as pretty but more operable.


Added:  July 8/03
Error message or bug:
Sometimes my character gets stuck in one spot and can't move off
Cause:  This is a bug within the program itself.  Some monster have knockback added to their attacks.  Sometimes, this results in chars getting knocked back to a spot that they cannot normally walk to and thus become "stuck".  Sometimes this occurs near portals too when there is a high density of monsters that prevents players from properly stepping out of a portal.
  Players have two choices:  either create a town portal and pop out or exit the game and reload the character.


Added:  July 5/03
Error message or bug:
Spell charges on charm is screwed up.  Charm is now corrupted.
Cause:  It has been discovered that charms that have spell charges and subsequently receive a runeword that grants additional spell charges will become corrupted.  At first, everything works fine until the player exits the game and tries to reload his character.  The item is corrupted and can no longer be used.  In some cases, the char file cannot even be loaded or a crash results when the cursor is over the corrupted charm.
  Do not place runewords on charms that already have spell charges.  It is permissible to use any runewords on charms that don't already have spell charges.  For charms which have been corrupted by this bug, it is recommended that players drop these items, if possible, either in-game or through a character editor.  A listing of Runewords that grant spell charges is listed below:

Awaken Bow Wow Hollow Tooth Pierced Heart Shout Turbo
Black Checkov Holy Smite Pointed Jab Smoke Uhura
Bone Clawfang Holy Thunder Poison Ivy Sparkly Thom Wild Thing
Bone Chip Cleansing Flame Kirk Primal Fury Sparks Wind
Bone Crack Convicted Kryten Pumas Spikefist Woof Woof
Bone Knob Creepy Vine Lister Quey Quig Spirit of Conan Yellow Flutterby
Bone Weave Dabbler Maiden Red Thom Spock Yellow Thom
Bonesaw Frosty Moby Dick Rimmer Starbuck  
Born Wild Gigantor Mulder Scully Sulu  
Bound by Duty Grrrowl Nadir Shale Tin Man  

The official mod guide will be updated to include this information as of version 3.1.


Added:  June 28/03
Error message or bug:
This character does not meet the level reqs
Cause:  This bug occurs only during realm play.  There is a level check on the D2 realm software that checks for character levels when progressing from one difficulty to the next.  Characters that are above level 100 will not be able to start new games in the higher difficulty.  This is referred to as the Level 100 bug.
Players can avoid this bug by defeating Baal in Nightmare difficulty before reaching character level 100 - yeah, that's a bit of a challenge but not impossible.  Otherwise, it is a bug associated with the realm server software that must be corrected by the realm admin by doing the following: 

Change this line in /conf/d2closed.conf (server-side)
# Allow Limitation created game with password, player number or level limit?
allow_gamelimit = 1
# Allow Limitation created game with password, player number or level limit?
allow_gamelimit = 0

then reboot the server - courtesy of


Added:  April 1/03
Error message or bug:
THIS MOD DOES NOT WORK WITH m@ph@ck or any of its derivatives
Cause: You are using a third-party program that is not reccommended to work with this mod.  This program is also very detrimental to games on Realm play and may even cause the game server to crash.
Solution: Stop using the h@ck program.  I don't know how this program works.  There's a bug in the program to which I have no control.  For the benefit of all, do not use these programs or any of their derivatives.

  Added:  April 1/03
Error message or bug:
Hireling ressurrection amount displays as 34,000 but still can't ressurrect
Cause:  The displayed amount of gold required to ressurrect your hireling is incorrect.  The highest number that can be displayed for this value is 65,536; this is a limitation within Diablo2.  In the Zy-El mod, the maximum ressurrect cost has been raised to 100,000; however, this amount displays as 34,464 which is 100,000 - 65536.  The number has rolled over.
  The true amount to ressurect your hireling is 100,000 gold or more in the higher difficulties.  It may be as much as 200,000 in Nightmare and 400,000 in Hell..


Added:  April 1/03
Error message or bug:
Red Fallens emerging from Hellholes give no experience upon death
Cause:  This is a bug to do with the hardcoding behind Hellholes.  Whatever emerges from the Holes will not yield any experience.  However, the Fallens still drop treasure and can be leeched for life and mana.  Their corpses can also be used.  Although the Fallen do not grant experience, the Hellholes themselves do yield experience.
  Destroy the Hellholes to earn experience.


Added:  April 1/03
Error message or bug:
Assertion Failure
Location : Fog\Src\BitManip\BitManip.cpp, line #357
Expression : ptBuffer->nCurByte * 8 + ptBuffer->nCurBit + nBits <= ptBuffer->nLength

Cause: Every item stored in player file requires data storage. When there are too many items, the amount of data stored is more than can be handled within the game's memory allocated for player files. The upper limit of this is around 230-256 items. Apparently, items with a *lot* of attributes (like stacked crafted items) take up more space memory wise. More details here: http://phrozenkeep.it-oint.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10066
Solution: There is no mod-able solution. This is a limitation within the game itself. The only workaround available is to reduce the number of items, particularly stacked attribute items. If your game crashes with this error, try dumping some stuff or mule to another character.  Modifications to save file structure should eliminate most occurances of this bug in version 3.0.


Added:  April 1/03
Error message or bug:
Summoned minions (pets) die after taking one hit
Cause: It has been noted in NM and Hell difficulties that summoned minions (particularly Druid) die after receiving one hit from monsters. It is speculated that this could be an hps rollover bug for when pet hps are too high. More detail here: http://phrozenkeep.it-point.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9980
Solution: It has been speculated that re-summoning the pet over and over again will eventually produce a pet that will stay for the duration. This is understandable since summoned minions have a random range of hps. It is likely that players 


Added:  April 1/03
Error message or bug:
Foreign language versions display all text in English
Cause: For players who normally play D2 in a language other than English, the text may appear in your native language instead of English.  The Zy-El mod uses the forced English-language option.  For some reason, if you use the English.dll in your mod, you may get your original language displayed instead.  More details of this bug here:http://phrozenkeep.it-point.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=106007#106007
Solution:  The fix to this problem is to switch back to your original foreign language DLL file that came with your game.  Just re-install the game, upload the patch file and then copy in the mod files.