Zy-El/Myrada: Trial by Fire Mod

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A little help from my friends, to my friends . . .

Need a hand?


Here are some useful utilities - some specifically for the Zy-El mod.

Runeword Calculator

Runeword Spreadsheet

Token Properties Spreadsheet

Replacing Music Tutorial

Verifying Files


Don't have MS-Word?  But you'd like to see the infamous mod guide that everyone's raving about.  What you need to do is download the MS-Word viewer here:

MS-Word 97/2000 Viewer (English)



  ======  Runeword Calculator  ======

Hello everyone,

I have created a program similar to
Raevan's Runeword Assistant. Most of the bugs/issues with Raevan's app are taken care of in the program. I've also added some features that will help manage your runewords.

Please check out the webpage for further details:
http://members.accesstoledo.com/tdistler/rwb/ .

Screenshots are here: http://members.accesstoledo.com/tdistler/rwb/Screenshots/ .

- Tony (

Download Runeword Browser

      ====== Runeword 4.0 Spreadsheet ======

 Here's an excel spreadsheet breakdown of all the Zy-El 4.0 runewords by Madsurgery.

Download Runeword Spreadsheet

      ====== Token Properties Spreadsheet ======

 I have started a list of all the token combos in the game.

An Excel Sheet (should work in 95+) :  ZyEl Tokens

An Excel Viewer is in the same folder as the Token Spreadsheet.
Demon Token Pics

12 Singles <- Given
144 Duets <- Done
1728? Trios <- Done
12 Demon Tokens <- Done

Please feel free to post any feedback



      =====  Replacing Diablo Music  =====

I've put together a small package that includes Andrey Lelikov's MPQ2K version 2.0, a small sample script file and some notes on how to use it.  This package is all you need to replace the soundtracks in Diablo2 by modifying the Patch_D2.MPQ file.

Your music must be in .WAV format - MP3 cannot be used.

Edit:  I've updated this package to include the latest version 2.0 of Andrey's program.  This new version allows compaction of .wav files to make MPQ's that are a lot smaller.  [Sept 17/03]

Replacing Music Package

- Kato



=====  Verifying Files  =====

A file verification program (FSRaid) developed by Fluid Studios is available to verify any file.  This tool creates a .par file that profiles the contents of any file.

The Zy-El mod includes very large MPQ and DLL files that may be corrupted during download.  How do you know if your downloaded file is correct?    After you download the mod files, you can verify them using the included .par files and the FSRaid program.

Get the program here:  Fluid Studios website

Get all the details here:  How to use FSRaid with Zy-El mod