Zy-El/Myrada: Trial by Fire Mod
For Newbies

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For those who don't have a clue . . .

What to do?

Starting out new . . . ahhh fresh meat!!!

For newbies, playing this mod can be overwhelming - especially for those who have never played mods before.

 Upon creating a new character, the first thing you notice is that you have NO starting equipment.  To most, this is quite disturbing until you realize that you are not totally naked.  Yes, if you look in your backpack, you will notice that there are a number of items there - namely, a chipped diamond, the Horadric Cube and 6 cube scrolls.

 Well, what good are these items?  Trying to sell the cube scrolls to Akara yields only 1 gold for each item.  Useless, really.  Selling all of these items would not amount to enough gold to buy even a dagger.  What good is a chipped gem since it requires an item with a socket before it can be used.  Even then, a chipped gem requires a minimum character level of 2.

 What to do?  Well, you do have 6 cube scrolls.  Maybe one of them can be of use.  If you read each one, you will notice one scroll in particular that says - "Chip gem to Flawed gem".  Well, what does that mean?  Since this item is a Cube Scroll, you put it in the Horadric Cube along with the stated input ingredient.  It just so happens that the input ingredient is a chipped gem.  Oh, lookee there - you just happen to have a chipped gem in your inventory.  Put the gem into the Cube along with the scroll and click on the Transmute button.

 Whatdyaknow!  The result is a flawed gem.  Well, what good is a flawed gem?  Your character can't use it right away since it requires  level 4.  Well, I duhnno . . . why not sell it to Akara?  Guess what, she's actually willing to give you some decent gold for that.

 What to do with all this gold?  Well, that's up to you now.  Most players would opt to buy some equipment - weapons, armor, potions, keys maybe.  You decide now.  Good luck!!

Common Cube Scroll

What about the other cube scrolls?  What do they mean?
Explore the Moor - don't fight any monsters right away.  Explore Blood Moor and get the lay of the land.
Stash the Cash - whatever gold and treasure you find lying around, grab it and stash it.  Save up enough to buy more decent equipment.
Skels spell death - don't bother attacking Skeletons when you're level 1.  They are unrelenting and they will kill you.  Do not engage them until you're at least level 3.
Ghouls for Fools - ditto for Ghouls.

Kill the Quills - at last, one monster that you can kill.  Concentrate on taking out the Quillrats - these are the only monsters you can take on with a reasonable chance of success.

What is the PLAYERS x command that I keep hearing about?

The PLAYERS x command allows players in single player and TCP/IP games to simulate game conditions as if there were x number of players in the game.  This command works in both 1.09b and 1.09d versions of the mod.  This command does not work in Realm games.

To enable the command, press [ENTER] then type PLAYERS x where x is any number between 1 and 127.  Please note that there is a space after the word PLAYERS.  After you type this in and press [ENTER], the game should give you an acknowledgement in the top left corner of the screen, just under the merc's avatar.

Enabling this command will cause a change in monster's hit points, experience values and treasure drops.  However, it will only affect new monsters that are generated, not those already on-screen or previously generated.  Below is a table that breaks down the changes due to different settings of the PLAYERS X command (numbers courtesy of d2fan_serg):

    Players X
Monster Life

Using PLAYERS 1 will return the game environment to single player mode.  Remember that monsters currently on-screen will still retain the previous PLAYERS setting.