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Zy-El: Trial by Fire Mod

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This site discusses and deals with a modified version of Blizzard's Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction game.

I made this Mod to play the game the way I like to play Diablo.  I've played other Mods and found most to be over-powered and too easy.  Killing everything with a dagger gave me little satisfaction.  Nor did I particularly like the Mods that added and changed too many things such that the game no longer resembled the original game that I enjoy so much.  The Zy-El Mod has a lot of changes, but I've tried to balance the changes to make a challenging and playable  game.

Collecting gold still matters (unlike Battlenet).  Your character still needs to carry potions because they still matter.  The story's still the same so everyone knows what the game is about.  And the character classes are still the same although the skills have been rebalanced along with the monsters.

One of the most significant elements in the Mod is the ability to craft your own items through Cube recipes.  Using the various items available in the game, you can create items to suit whatever need or playing style you prefer.  If you can't find the magic item you're looking for, you can craft it instead.  You just have to find the ingredients.


Zy-El Mod

This mod is based on Diablo2 patch version 1.09d.  The first version was released in June 2002.  Zy-El was the name of my first Assassin character.  This Mod's not a cakewalk.  So, I don't want to hear any whining about how tough it is!  If you want an easier game, go back to "vanilla" LOD or play some other Mod.

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