Grade 7 Science

Unit C:  Heat and Temperature
Topic 2:  Heat affects matter in different ways.
Drama in Science -Calling all Actors!


Teacher:  Mr. Masse

     Mike Myers

Activity #2: Drama in Science -Calling all Actors!

Concept/Process: Demonstrate your understanding of kinetic (moving) energy as it relates to the states of matter , temperature, heat , thermal energy, the Particle Model of Matter and heat transfer; through drama.

You will be placed in one of  4 groups (each with 4 classmates):

Your task:
Your group must choose to perform one of the plays listed below.  Your responsibilities include:
i)  Writing the scripts
ii)  Determining the roles
iii)  Finding the costumes and stage settings
iv)  Filming and editing the video
v)  Assessing both your own and your peer's efforts/contributions throughout the project

Play #1:  The Three States of Matter

Play #2:  Heat, Temperature and Thermal Energy

Play#3:  The Particle Model of Matter

Play #4:  Heat Transfer:  Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

Useful Hyperlinks:

Explore Matter -Fun Site!

States of Matter -solids, liquids, and gases

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