A little about myself...

I was born November 7th, 1972. That makes me 40 years old. Squamish is a nice little place, I've lived here just about all my life!  I try to make it into Vancouver once a month, or as possible.  Some things I like to do when I visit Vancouver, or as I call it, "have a day out," is go to Little Sisters to see what's new and talk to a friend that works there and catch up, go out for coffee(s), walk along the seawall, then later in the evening go out to the Odyssey or Numbers to dance.

I work at
The Howe Sound Inn & Brewing Company here in Squamish.  It's a nice place to work, everyone is very easygoing.  I work at the front desk, I do the graveyard shift from 10PM to 6AM (It's not THAT bad!)

On February 2nd, 1998, I left Canada for a trip to Australia.  I stayed there for just over three months.  I wanted to go there since a friend of mine in high school started talking to me about taking a trip there, the plans never really developed, but the idea stuck in my mind.  I went to Melbourne because I met a wonderful guy from there a few years ago.  I wanted to stay with him longer, but things didn't work out that way. Now I'm back.  :-)

My favorite hobbies include:
* Computers; I have a 24" iMac, 2.8Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2Gig memory.
* And Photography; I have a Minolta 3xi and B& W darkroom. I can do my own negatives and prints. You can see some photos of mine in the "
My Photo's " section of my web page here.

E-Mail me if your interested getting your pictures taken.

I'm a nice guy looking for friends and more. The "more" bit would be a very sweet guy that adores me and would like to stick around for a while.  I don't know if I'm ready for it, (are we ever ready for it?) but I want to meet that person that's "right" for me.

I used to be on the Rainbow BBS (a gay dial up BBS in Vancouver), and my handle was "Mr. Mike". When I was started coming out, that's how I first started meeting other gay people. In 96 the BBS had a section in the Gay Pride Parade, it was lots of fun, and of course I was in there, having fun as well. Hopefully I won't have to work this year during pride.

I used to spend allot of time on the #gayvancouver IRC channel, on Undernet, my handle was "MrMike" or "MrMike72".   Now I spend most of my time on twitter and facebook.

Get the feeling I want to hear from YOU? Well, I do!

Here's a place you can send e-mail anytime:


Interested in knowing more? Here's a questionnaire that I've filled out.