Mikey's Personal Questionnaire

What is your height?

Which weight range (in pounds) are you in?

Describe your hair
Brown / Auburn
Wavy & Long

What color are your eyes

What about your facial appearance?
I have a soul patch.
I wear glasses

What is your heritage/nationality and race?

How would you describe your looks?
Average looks

What is your educational background?
Completed high school

What are your hobbies/interests

What best describes your work?  And do you like it.
I work at a Hotel, I'm the Night Auditor.  Yes, I like my job, this company is nice to work for.

What kind of computer do you use?
Mac mini 1.42Ghz

What is the condition of your body?
Just right if I want to be a bear, I'm not sure how this is going to go yet.

What is your physical fitness philosophy?
I'll diet tomorrow.

What is your liquor consumption?
I am a social drinker,  I usually drive when I go out, so I rarely drink much.

Do you do drugs?
Not Really.

How do you feel about smoking?
I not a smoker, I would prefer you didn't smoke around me.

What do you like to do for fun?
I like to go out for coffee,  and out to the clubs to dance.  I'm just as happy staying home playing on my computer, or watching a movie.  I also like going to the pool or beach to swim. Sun bathing at Wreck Beach is a nice way to spend a sunny afternoon.

What kind of sports do you like?
I'm not into sports, I do like to play badminton.

What is your dating status?
I'm looking for something.  Single

How do you kiss?
For hours!
Warm & Wet

What age group are you looking for?
20's  -  40's

How romantic are you?
Bring on the flowers & candy!

Who should be more aggressive on a date?
I want the other person to make the first move

What are your living arrangements?
I live alone.

How "out" are you?
I'm not out to my parents, but my sister and her husband now know, and a few friends at work know.  I'd like to come out to my parents, but I don't know how to go about it.

If you had to pick a "type", what would it be?
I would go out with a "prep." or "twink" or maybe "the boy next door."  I'm not sure what my type is.  I think the person is more important than the type.

What best describes your butt?

What would best describe your chest?

Describe your "personality" in bed.
That is on a "need to know" basis

What do you wear under your clothes?
I am naked under my clothes!