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Peter's Flame Safety Lamp Web Site

Welcome to my small, but growing, website describing the history and collection of flame safety lamps.

There are many other excellent sites on the web that deal with flame safety lamps - my "Links" page includes some, and I am sure the list will get longer as I learn about others. This is my contribution to that growing list.

I am by no means an expert in the subject matter and, while I have tried to eliminate errors, there are bound to be some. Please point them out so that I can correct them.

My goal is to make the site useful to the growing number of collectors who, like me, are sometimes at a loss to verify the claims of lamp sellers. I am always looking for additional information, particularly information relating to model numbers and dates of issue of the various lamp types. Any information I use will be properly attributed. Please email me if you can assist.

If I have published something here for which someone else holds the copyright, I apologise; please let me know, and I will correctly reference the offending article or remove it altogether, if that is the desired outcome.

Use the navigation bar on your left to visit the various parts of the site. Click on the email link below if you would like to get in touch with me.