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3. Cards
4. Notes-4-Learning
5. Summary Sheets
6. SCORER for tests
7. IDEA maps
8. Problem Solving Math
9. Time Management
10. Goal Setting

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Choose an outcome
1. Listen Better
2. Comprehend your reading
3. Learn more effectively
4. Take better notes
5. Summarize your learning
6. Do better on tests
7. Organize your writing
8. Solve math word problems
9. Manage your time
10. Set & achieve goals

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How do I use this site?

Move around the site in any one of four ways:
1. Click on Go Directly to a Strategy on the left to go to a learning strategy.
2. Click on a Choose an Outcome and learn how to work towards a learning outcome.
3. Assess your Learning Strategies to understand what strategies you use now.
4. Try Our Visual Site Map to view the whole site on a map and move anywhere.

Each strategy page follows a similar format:
- Quick Questions about your learning skills now
- Learning Outcome that tells what you will be abvle to do after you learn and practise the strategy
- What is the strategy gives an overview of the strategy
- Guided practice suggests ways to practice
- Apply the strategy gives ways to do the strategy
- Summarize the Strategy allows you time to reflect on the swtrat3gy to help you remember it
- So where to from here suggests ideas on how to continue to use the strategy

- Carry Around Bookmark is a bookmark made from printing the page which has one or two columns on it. If one column then you have your bookmarks to keep with you to remind you of the strategy. For the two columns print the sheet and fold it over to obtain a 'double sided' bookmark to remind you of the steps of the strategy.

- One Page Handout is a printable page (or two or three) that summarizes the strategy so you can follow the steps easily

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What are Learning Strategies?
Learning strategies are organized plans of action for learning, the steps we take to learn something. They are done to accomplish a learning outcome, which is what we want to be able to do at the end of our learning experience.
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The Story Behind This Site
Students attending Learning Strategy workshops have asked for more access to learning strategies and many suggested having them on a web page. This site provides that and also for each strategy a 'One Page Summary Handout' and a 'Quick Reference Bookmark', both of which are in Adobe Format for ease of printing. .
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Send Feedback About the Site
These strategies have been developed from interaction with students in learning strategy classes and workshops, from books, from other sites and from ideas of many learners at Edmonton Academy, Grant MacEwan College, University of Alberta and NorQuest College. Since learning strategies are used in many ways please let me know how you are using them, ask me questions and give me your feedback by Send an email to the strategist.

Bookmark this site and return often as it will change as your feedback is incorporated into the site and new strategies are added.

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Learn a fact and you enrich your day, learn 'learning strategies' and you enrich your life.

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The Nine Quick Learning Strategies for Success web site was created and is maintained by Roger Moore, a Learning Strategist at NorQuest College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is maintained across institutional and national boundaries, and last revised November 2002. Permission is granted to freely copy, adapt, print, transmit, and distribute Nine Quick Learning Strategies for Success in educational settings that benefit learners. On the WWW, however, please link rather than put up your own page since pages are frequently modified and improved in response to needed changes. No request to link is necessary. Contributions and feedback are warmly received.