Sponsors and Thanks

Paddle Net  

Sponsors of Draw Prizes

Western Canoeing & Kayaking

North Water Paddle Sports

Brooks Paddle Gear

Esquif Canoes

Nikki Rekman Sales

Werner Paddles

Kokatat Watersports Wear
Middleton's Specialty Boats

The Beaver Canoe Club


Other Thanks

Thanks to the T50 brain trust who take leadership roles and help improve the race every year:

    Heather, Denise, Einar, Linda, Brian, Karyn, Paul, Ellen, Neil, Alain, Anne and others
    Lynne, Laura & Nikki from Western & Esquif/Kokatat/Werner
    The ministry staff, managers and operators of the forest rec sites
    The CCE - Shonnet, Jon, Al and crew

And to some dedicated volunteers who play a vital role in keeping the event possible and on-track: Christine & Jay, Brian & Karyn, Einar, Peter H., David M., Dave & Rose, Gerry and others.

Photography used on this site - photos by various particpants and spectators, probably including Marie Bremner, Brian Otter, Dave Westell, Julie Kovach and others.  Thanks also to the recognizable people in the photos.  Please let me know if there is an image I shouldn't be using.

For helping to build initial interest - Roger Warnatsch & Allyson Philip and Ryan Mader (former national C-1 racer who gave a few of us a slalom clinic in 2006, and could probably be talked into giving more).

For their support in providing info from our "(big) sister race" - Gull River Open Canoe Slalom: Mark Scriver and Carole Westwood.

Thanks for the advice and support received on the Internet discussion boards at Canadian Canoe Routes and CBoats:


And to all the participants who contribute support, ideas and who volunteer on race weekend to help with set-up, registration, rope throwing and more.


Updated 19 Sep, 2012