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2009-06-28 - Mine? Really?

Well, I never did deign to update this page from Amsterdam, mainly because blogs are mostly pointless (with this one being only slightly more redeemable due to having absolutely no interactivity and being browsable from lynx, so if this page is somehow sent back in time a la Year Zero I shall be able to browse a record of my future from my text-only Freenet connection powered by the 28.8k modem I had in grade five). However, something happened recently that has prompted me to use Konqueror to open a file window to, open the index.html file in Kate, and post a transcript or two of what has transpired.

It started when I finally heeded Kopete's warning that I had 12 messages in my "Windows Live" (as the kids are calling it these days) inbox. I opened it up and discovered 11 e-mails from Microsoft, and one e-mail from some random person I have never met as far as I know. In fact, I am rather clueless as to who exactly he could be.

Topic: Your 'blog'
From: Andy Mikula (
Sent: Sun 6/07/09 2:54 AM

I found it. It's ugly and I hate it.

I don't know you, and I'm glad!



Now, needless to say I was a bit confused as to what he could be referring to. After thinking it over for a bit, I sent off a reply.

Topic: RE: Your 'blog'
From: Keith Z-G (
Sent: Sun 6/28/09 8:22 AM

I must admit, I am predominately clueless as to what you could be talking about.

Perhaps my telus page from back in the days where most of my friends were still on dialup, written by myself in Notepad? Surely you couldn't be talking about my Livejournal page, last 'updated' even longer ago than yours? If so then I'll defend that page to the death, good sir, because the picture of mine that hangs in the background is, in my opinion, quite excellent. Admittedly Livejournal is ugly period. Perhaps my UofA webspace? But that's little more than files in folders, so it makes even less sense to decry it as an 'ugly blog' than the Livejournal page.

Other than that I cannot think of what it could be. Have I, in a drunken stupor, created a blogspot account that I have now entirely forgotten? Is there somehow a myspace account tied to this e-mail address? Did the account I created for FTP access somehow spawn a blog at E.T.P.? But it must be some relic from bygone days, otherwise why would you be sending me an e-mail to my Junior High-spawned account? (I checked because I finally noticed Kopete was telling me I had 12 messages in my 'Windows Live' inbox; 11 were from Microsoft). When I set up this account my home web access was text only. How time flies! How progress marches on!

Also, your face is ugly and I hate it.



After a bit more thought, and the merest smidgin of investigation (as much as one can do while catching up on The Daily Show), I decided to add a small post-script:

Topic: RE: Your 'blog' ADDENDUM
From: Keith Z-G (
Sent: Sun 6/28/09 8:22 AM

P.S. Do you have a current blog? I noticed your Livejournal account links to a blog, but it's ugly.

2008-07-08 - Amsterdam (1), 21:41 Keith Time

So here I am in Amsterdam; it's really my own fault, but I'm neither on Edmonton's clock nor Amsterdam's (if I were petty I'd try to blame Nicola, but that'd be unfair). That's all for now, although I feel like mentioning that it seems like half the TV channels here show porn. That might have something to do with it being the middle of the night, though.